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Tim’s Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

Brock PaverBase system characteristics when compared to traditional base construction.

  • Can Brock PaverBase really spread the load over the subgrade so the patio will stay flat?

  • A 250 lb weight placed on a single paver over Brock PaverBase results in less than 7 psi on ground. Because it comes in panels, it is a great load spreader.

  • What happens to the material over time? Does it degrade?
  • Polypropylene has a LONG life and is proven in many construction materials, such as pipes, geofabrics and rope. It is chosen because of its durability and its resistance to mold, bacteria, decay, cracking and in the case of pavers, compression.
  • A stone base has insulating properties and protects the ground from freezing and heaving. How does Brock PaverBase compare with this?

  • PaverBase panels are .68″ thick and provide the same thermal insulation properties of 9″ stone base. It has the same “R” value as EPS so it is essentially similar to the Polystyrene used to insulate houses, only much more durable to withstand a paver application.
  • Does Brock PaverBase drain?
  • Brock PaverBase, with a vertical permeability rate of over 100″ per hour, and far exceeds the permeability rate of the pavers themselves. Brock PaverBase also drains both vertically and horizontally to move water quickly away from the area.

  • How much do the panels weigh?
  • A single panel weight approx. 1 lb. A box of panels (covers 100 sq ft) weights approx. 20 lbs. Carry panels to the project area and installing takes minutes. Compared to a traditional stone base that weight approx., 3,800 lbs. Installation takes many hours or days.
  • How do I cut the material to fit?
  • Brock PaverBase panels can be cut with a utility/razor knife, to cut half panels to offset, curves and edges, so no special tools are required.

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