Planning for your home project in 3 easy steps.

Using PaverBase for your next project is a great way to beautify and add value to your home. The design behind Brock PaverBase lets you minimize the amount of material you have to dig, then build a Brock “platform” on which you lay your materials.

Use the following steps to start planning for your next project.


Preplanning your home project

Draw a diagram of your project area, Consider areas drainage, doorways, obstructions and useable size area.

  • For Patios and Walkways – measure how long (length) and how wide (width) your project area is
  • Stackable Wall Units (short walls, sitting walls, benches) – Measure the how long your project is (linear feet)

These measurements will be used later to determine how many to buy using the PaverBase Calculator.


Before you excavate your project area

Before you begin excavating, determine if there are any underground cables or pipes. The utility companies can be contacted to request them to mark the areas. This service is usually free.


Using Brock PaverBase Panels

After preparing the ground, laying your landscape fabric and sand, the PaverBase panels will make your project easier, faster and save you money. Enjoy!

See our DIY How To Installation Guides for detailed instructions for your next project.

Less Money

Less Work

Less Time

Brock PaverBase is an overlapping panel system made from Polypropylene, an environmental material known for durability, resilience, and thermal insulation qualities.

Note: PaverBase is NOT engineered for driveways or other areas where vehicles are present.

Need help? Have a question?

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