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Natural Flagstone

Different Thickness Stones, Wet Cast Stones

  • Natural Flagstone – Wet Cast Stones (Uneven Bottoms) Different Thickness Paving Stones

Natural stone is a beautiful addition and home improvement project. Travertine is a popular stone type for both interior and exterior uses. But one consideration to keep in mind is that travertine is softer than some other natural stone products. This may be an issue if you are using Travertine for your patio, where the movement of patio furniture may scratch or chip the tiles. But don’t think of it as “soft”, after all it’s still stone. In fact, it has been used on the exteriors of buildings dating back to Roman times – it just may be more likely to scratch or chip than other natural stone types.

Other common stone types are flagstone patios and walkways, slate, granite and even limestone. The main challenge is to get the natural stone level, and then to keep it level for years. Using Brock PaverBase below your natural stone gives it a stable platform to prevent stone settling. Using Brock PaverBase under natural stone is slightly different than using it under pavers, which are more regular in thickness and fit. So how to build your patio with Brock PaverBase depends on the stone style you chose.

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