Can I use PaverBase panels for a hot tub?


There are a couple important things to consider with hot tubs.

  1. Is the hot tub built with equal weight distribution over the entire bottom surface or is it framed where all the weight is on the frame, outside area?
  2. Can the paving stones handle the weight of the hot tub? In our studies, we found that about 75% of all hot tubs were framed so the weight would be distributed only on the frame area. You may want to contact the manufacturer to determine this.

Equal weight distribution: you can use the panels if your paving stones can handle the weight. Most paving stones (patio stones, patio pavers) do not have any required specs. The only ones that do are driveway pavers for vehicles (8,000 lbs./ per sq inch).

Framed hot tub, weight not distributed: there are two ways to prepare base under hot tub.

  1. Use traditional base under hot tub and use Paver Base panels for base for the patio or walkway leading up to or around the hot tub.
  2. Use 1″ of base material for additional support, use Paver Base panels (following steps). You may get some compression of the panel, some amount under the .68″ thickness, which you may or may not notice. Again, make sure you use a paving stone that can handle the weight.